This interactive course + playbook bundle is a practical, high engagement, conversational guide intentionally designed to help you upgrade your bank account through creating active and passive streams of income on the 
stock market.

Course + Playbook Bundle
Only $37!!!

“This book feels like a conversation between the author and I. I have never been active in the stock market, but thanks to the text and instructional videos embedded within I feel like I now know how.”
 Trina Phillips

In the Income on Demand Bundle, you will:

  • Learn How to Begin Your Trading Strategy By First Investing in Yourself
  • ​Build Your Vocabulary So that You Can Speak the Language
  • ​Analyze the Health of Publicly Traded Companies
  • ​Build a Stock Watchlist
  • ​Understand What Factors Are Important When Selecting a Broker
  • ​How to Analyze Stock Summaries and Stock Charts (Embedded Videos)
  • ​Research Trading Strategies Designed to Help You Profit From the Market
  • ​Begin Establishing Your Trading Routine
And much more...
Instead of trying to put all of the puzzle pieces together from YouTube, Tik Tok, and Clubhouse, leverage this interactive bundle to bring it all together with ease. Even if you are completely brand new to the stock market this is for you! So click the button below and grab your copy today!
Myth #1

It Takes A Lot of Money to Trade on the Stock Market

Truth: Yes, the more money you have, the greater the opportunity for profit. BUT... you do not have to start this way. As you begin trading, it is actually best to start with $0 and PRACTICE with simulated account before placing your money into the market. When you have mastered your strategy and begin to see consistency in profits - this is the time to begin to put your money to work. 
Myth #2

Stock Trading is Like Gambling

Truth: There are risks with any investment, but when you are trading stocks, you are in the drivers seat. Through technical analysis you are able to use specific strategies to manage any risks. Begin by building a case as to why it makes sense to take a trade. Learn how to place stops on your account, understand reward to risk and always place trades that are going to position you for the highest probability of success. 

Myth #3

The Stock Market is Rigged and Only the Elite Can Benefit.

Truth: The stock market is accessible to anyone with a brokerage account. If you are willing to put in the effort to learn how to effectively leverage it while managing the mental aspects of trading, profits will be on their way to your bank account.
So... what are people saying?

Amazing Book Helped Me To Overcome My Money Block

I thought this was going to be another learn how to invest and trade book, but the interactive questions really helped me to pinpoint some limiting beliefs I had about money. Where I felt like I couldn’t make money by the end of the book I feel really pumped that I can meet my money goals.
                                  - Shamara C.

So Much Information!

This is a very good beginners guide. There's so much useful information that helps you feel ready to get into the stock market! The authors personality really shines through each page. I highly recommend!
                                       = Melissa R.

This book 
surprised me!

I'm usually leery of "self help books" but this one is different! It's written in such a way that it easily explains to even a busy professional like me how to make money in the stock market. 
                                            - Mary S.
Meet the Author + Course Instructor

"Leverage Your 9 to 5 as a Bridge, Not a Destination"

Hi... I'm Laquore

Master Stock and Options Trader, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Digital Real Estate Investor and Angel Investor. I change lives by teaching simple, step-by-step approaches to upgrading your bank account. Periodt.

Many of us work a 9 to 5 feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated and disengaged. And even though we sometimes feel this way, the salaries we receive often time do not provide us with the lifestyle freedom or the long-term wealth that we desire.

There is another way.

Navigating the stock market doesn’t have to feel like learning a foreign language. Putting the puzzle pieces together from YouTube University and conversations from Clubhouse rooms can be daunting and ultimately leave you void of a solid strategy to trade the RIGHT way. Whether your goal is to free yourself from accomplishing someone else’s vision at your 9 to 5, building a strong financial future for your children, adding an income stream to pay down debt or preparing to live your Chosen For More lifestyle, this bundle was created to help you to accomplish one goal… YOURS.

Grab your course + playbook bundle by clicking the link below. I promise you... it will be one of the best investments you will ever make. 

See you inside... 
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